Stone and Root


Our vision

At Stone and Root Woodcrafters, we endeavor to find the marriage between artistic beauty and functionality. Our goal is to   provide our clients with unique, one-of-a-kind fine furnishings that will last generations. We believe that every piece of wood has something wonderful to offer and we want to help bring that vision to life.  All of our wood is sustainably harvested, and we take pride in a business model that not only gives a new life to an otherwise doomed tree, but promotes new life back to the environment.

When you invest in something from Stone and Root Woodcrafters, you're not just getting "a pretty piece of wood" but sharing in a unique and creative experience that invites a warmth and synergy into your space that resonates with who you are.

Imagine The Possibilities

Stone and Root Woodcrafters artisans work directly with you, conceptualizing together to guarantee that the vision for your project is served, while also ensuring that the maximum beauty and artistry is achieved, allowing the media to reach its full potential.

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